We believe Life is Exquisite and all people have a divine right to joy, peace and knowledge.

We are the Exquisite Life Academy. Individually, we are Tonya Anderson, owner and operator of An Exquisite LifeExquisite Life Academy and Joyous Prosperity Retreats, and Robin Van Auken, producer for Exquisite Life Academy and Joyous Prosperity Retreats. We’re writers, educators and counselors with a strong spiritual and science background. Together, we are the Exquisite Life Academy team working to bring you quality information and guidance, developed with the sole purpose of improving and developing your own, perfectly Exquisite Life. We teach a wide range of topics, from practical to sublime, from technical to spiritual, from useful to esoteric. We guarantee you’ll learn something new and wonderful when you enroll in our classes.

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Definition: Exquisite

When something is wonderful, marvelous, great, amazing and fantastic, Exquisite sums up all of these words in one.  Example: “That pasta was exquisite, Mother. “  

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